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Catie was born at 36 weeks in oct 2020, and we knew before she was born that she was going to have 22q. The plan was in place of what the team wanted to do, but she unfortunately was born at the wrong hospital. To our surprise, she was born with a second condition of surge-weber syndrome: a port wine birthmark on her face that also has effects on her eyes and brain.

We eventually ended up in Saskatoon, and recieved all the testing and treatments that were needed to help catie. While in for 2 weeks she had her first visit to picu as she got quite sick from a cold she picked up after birth. She came home on oxygen and a NG feeding tube as she was diagnosed also with Laryngomalacia and other stuff while in the hospital. She also was diagnosed with Craniosynosis, cleft palete.

She has multiple heart conditions which are frequent with 22q deletion: Atrial septal defect with right aortic arch, Vascular ring and left pulmonary artery stenosis, Velopharengeal insufficiency. She went home after 14 days.

She was followed for a few months due to reflux and swallowing issues and seeing if changes were needed to be made along the way.

Eventually due to her swallowing issues it was decided she was inneed of a Gtube due to her most likely not being able to support herself long term. she received her Gtube at 8 months in May 2021. She now gets laser treatment for her portwine birthmark every 3 months to help maintain the health of her birthmark.

Catie has alot of follow ups and doctors appointments she has to attend, and will continue for along time. She was supposed to have her Airway surgery this week but it had to be postponed because she wasn’t healthy enough. She is also awaiting to going to Autism assessment here in the near future.

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